Halcomb’s Knob is a retreat center for the body AND soul. Witnessed routinely by our guests and the gathering of friends and families; the abundance of nature upon our property brings forth peace and tranquility to those troubled with the worries of today’s world. Set within six miles of town, the Knob’s 30 acres is a world apart from the pollution of night lights, the buzz of inter-city traffic, and the sirens of mass populations; rather its the whispers of wind through the treetops, the ripples of native grasses and wildflowers, the harmonized melodies of flourishing bird populations and the burst of new growth annually, that draw guests to experience the quiet calm that permanents body and soul from the moment of arrival.

Halcomb’s Knob is a non-denominational Christian ministries outreach founded on the beliefs and teachings of the bible as the true Word of God. We believe God calls upon ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Through the grace of God, He directs us as stewards of Halcomb’s Knob allowing us to open our doors to all whom seek  reprieve from life’s worries.