The Bakery at Halcomb’s Knob


Halcomb’s Knob LLC encompasses not only a bed and breakfast but also an on-farm market including an on-site retail bakery. As a guest of the Inn at Halcomb’s Knob, choose to stroll among the perennial flower and heirloom vegetable gardens, sit beneath the blossoming apple, pear, peach, cherry or plum trees, watch the bees buzz in a frantic pollination pace amidst the blueberry bushes and grape arbors;  take a walk down a woodland path or sit pond-side watching the exploding population of spring peepers (frogs), listening to their evening chorus.

Visitors to Halcomb’s Knob Farm are encouraged to call in advance to arrange a tour time convenient to the visitor and the Knob’s staff alike, allowing time for gardening exploration and the preparation of an array of on-farm market products, including a selective assortment of the Bakery at Halcomb’s Knob breads and sweet rolls.

With 24-hour advance notice, the staff of Halcomb’s Knob will be happy to prepare a “take-a-pack” of in-season produce and/or an assortment of fresh breads and sweet rolls for at-home dining pleasure.

To schedule an on-farm visit or order a “take-a-pack”, call (859) 925-9936. Centralized delivery or shipping within the continental United Sates available at nominal cost.

The Bakery at Halcomb’s Knob

What started as a way to meet the interest from the Bed and Breakfast guests of Halcomb’s Knob for a pan or two of cinnamon rolls to take on the road upon their departures in 2014, has grown to include more than 18 varieties of sweet and savory yeast breads, dinner rolls and the Knob’s signature cinnamon rolls with sales of more than 34,195 cinnamon rolls and 3,000 loaves of bread packaged in 2017.

Want to find out what all the “fuss” is about the Knob’s breads? Consider purchasing a loaf or two for your next get-together with friends and/or family. Or order pans cinnamon rolls for the office on Friday or as an accompaniment with coffee and tea for your weekend club/civic meeting. With online ordering available, centralized delivery and/or shipping within the continental United States, the taste of sweet and savory goodness is only a click away, year-round. To learn more, click on the link below, “select options”, and find out how you can bring the goodness of The Bakery at Halcomb’s Knob home to your counter-top.